Premier Songs AG with dedication guarantees privacy protection data, personal information of users at the time the PREMIER SONGS application and services are used.

PREMIER SONGS, in accordance with the laws in force, ensures the protection of privacy and personal data. These guarantees are also formally declared to the competent authorities.

Data collected

The data provided by user for using the PREMIER SONGS application are made in accordance with the user's wish (name and surname, valid email address, etc.).

By using PREMIER SONGS, some data is automatically collected, in particular technical data (such as the IP address of your computer or device, phone number), as well as information about using the web-pages of PREMIER SONGS and advertisements displayed.

The reason for data processing

Data entered by the user and identified as compulsory at the time of registration in the application are required to benefit from PREMIER SONGS and its application services.

The data entered by the user is processed for the following reasons:

  1. A) to personalize and improve your use of PREMIER SONGS and application services;
  2. B) to be assured of the provision of PREMIER SONGS services and its partners;
  3. C) to personalize the advertisements provided by PREMIER SONGS and its partners, and
  4. D) to analyse and create statistics regarding the use of PREMIER SONGS by you, the application services and the ads posted on it.

If the user has agreed, data can also be collected for merchant management to give PREMIER SONGS the ability to personalize and improve its services and information transmitted to users.

The data will give PREMIER SONGS the ability to even send other notifications to the email address you provided during the registration.

If the user does not want to receive notifications from PREMIER SONGS, they may at any time invalidate them through the link provided at the end of each notification or by changing the details entered in the specified section.

Data users

User data will not be shared with a third party from PREMIER SONGS, without prior consent of the user.

They will only be allocated in accordance with the legislation, regulations or decisions by a competent legal authority or, if deemed necessary, for the purpose of preserving the rights and interests of PREMIER SONGS.

If the user has agreed, he may receive bids from the PREMIER SONGS partners at the email address or the phone number that he gave at the beginning of the application registration.

For user subscription management, user data can also be shared with companies responsible for managing, processing, and executing payment procedures.

In terms of data processing, for the purpose of personalizing advertising provided by PREMIER SONGS or its partners, user data may be shared with these partners or service providers who are engaged in analysing and processing your data for the benefit of PREMIER SONGS or its partners.

In cases that the user has agreed in advance, PREMIER SONGS may also share the data with Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Security of user data

PREMIER SONGS is highly committed to the security of the data and takes all the necessary steps to minimize the risks of losing, damaging, or misusing this data.

Data retention

The data is stored on the Site Host identified in the Legal Notice and will be stored for the length of time strictly necessary to meet the above-mentioned goals.

After this period of time, they will be stored for statistical purposes only and will not be used in any other way.

User rights

The user has the right to access his personal data and to correct them on request by contacting the "CONTACT" button or by sending a letter to the following address: [email protected]

The user can, whenever and for free, find all the collected data and use them in the Privacy Policy.